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In practical terms, X-rays shine through the human body in much the same way that sunlight shines through paper or flower petals. The different tissues of the human body have different shadowing effects on the X-rays used, so they also appear in different shades of gray, black and white (shadowing or brightening) on the X-ray image.

You will need: Referral (with a detailed question), previous images/reports.

The affected region is relieved of any obstructing garments in a changing room, and the X-ray images are taken in the X-ray room while standing or lying on an examination table.

No contrast agent is administered.

These examinations are provided by the private practice of PD Dr. Sailer. This means that the medical services rendered (X-ray, ultrasound) will not be directly billed to the health insurance company but will be invoiced to you in the form of an honorarium.