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Mammography is an early detection program for breast cancer. It is a modern imaging method for the gentle examination of the breast.

Mammography is currently the most widely used and established – although not infallible – method for the early detection of breast cancer. It allows the detection of malignant changes in the breast with a high degree of accuracy, before they are palpable as lumps or hardening. Mammography cannot prevent the occurrence of breast cancer; it is used to detect breast cancer as early as possible, as this disease can be treated much better in the early stages of the disease. In order to increase the quality and thus the detection rate of breast cancer, an independent second diagnosis by a second radiologist (= double diagnosis) is performed for all mammograms.

You will need: Assignment (detailed brief), previous images/findings, creatinine level (can also be taken and checked at our clinic); completed questionnaire;
this examination should ideally be performed between the 7th – 14th day after the onset of menstruation.

Using a special X-ray device, the breast is X-rayed in two, sometimes three, planes. This enables an exact spatial assignment of the imaged structures. To ensure that the image is as detailed as possible, the breasts must be flattened with the aid of two plates, one of which receives the X-ray detector or the X-ray film. The breast placed on the detector plate is pressed against it by a second, sliding plastic plate. This somewhat unpleasant examination step is over after only a few seconds.

Since the breasts are pressed together by the X-ray plates, it can be perceived as uncomfortable and painful. It is best if the mammogram is performed between the sixth and twelfth day of the cycle, since the sensitivity to pain and the density of the breast change during the cycle and can be assessed particularly well during this phase.

No contrast agent is administered.

These examinations are provided as private services. This means that they will not be billed directly to the health insurance company, but will be billed directly to you in the form of a fee invoice.

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Every tenth woman develops breast cancer once in her lifetime. In the course of early breast cancer detection, breast cancer is suspected even more frequently (BIRADS 4, BIRADS 5).

Our service in the field of breast health is holistic: we offer state-of-the-art technology with innovative imaging methods at the cutting edge of medicine as well as individual and seamless care from the first step to the definitive diagnosis.

In hospital outpatient departments – with further necessary examinations with multiple waiting times – weeks or even months of anxiety are not uncommon. In this case we are happy to support you. Contact us! Within a few days we will give you and your (specialist) doctor clarity about your state of health.

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