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In computed tomography (CT), many X-ray images of an object are taken from different directions; so-called “sectional images” are subsequently reconstructed from the acquired volume on the basis of these images. Computed tomography is only used in exact compliance with radiation protection and when the examination is clinically necessary.


You will need: Assignment (detailed brief), previous images/findings, creatinine level (can also be taken and checked at our clinic); completed questionnaire.

The region is cleared of disturbing clothing, and the examination is performed in the examination room lying on an examination table. You will mostly receive iodine-containing contrast medium.

Sometimes the use of contrast medium (iodine) is required for differentiation between individual structures and between healthy and diseased tissue. Adverse side effects are (extremely) rare.

These examinations are provided as private services. This means that they will not be billed directly to the health insurance company, but will be billed directly to you in the form of a fee invoice.

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Every tenth woman develops breast cancer once in her lifetime. In the course of early breast cancer detection, breast cancer is suspected even more frequently (BIRADS 4, BIRADS 5).

Our service in the field of breast health is holistic: we offer state-of-the-art technology with innovative imaging methods at the cutting edge of medicine as well as individual and seamless care from the first step to the definitive diagnosis.

In hospital outpatient departments – with further necessary examinations with multiple waiting times – weeks or even months of anxiety are not uncommon. In this case we are happy to support you. Contact us! Within a few days we will give you and your (specialist) doctor clarity about your state of health.

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